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Khalistan Movement



The purpose of this site is to give an insight into the atrocities we have suffered since 1984 and how they have changed the characteristics and nature of the Sikhs today. The Sikhs are a peace loving community who follow the teachings God. Guru Nanak Dev Ji taught that the human race is one race and we are all the children of God regardless of what faith we follow, caste, gender, background etc. Since the very beginning of Sikhi the Sikhs have faced a series of human right violations. Guru Nanak Dev Ji himself was unjustly imprisoned by the mughal forces just for preaching unity amongst all and devotion to God. Guru Arjan Dev Ji was the 5th Master of the Sikhs and is often referred to as the King of Shaheeds (martyrs) as he was the first Sikh Martyr. The Sacrifice made by the peace loving Guru was one of the biggest turning point in the history of the Sikhs. The revered Guru was killed entirely because of faith he followed. Guru Arjan Dev Ji's Shaheedi had a big impact on the Sikh nation. The Martyrdom of the Fifth Guru Nanak, Guru Arjan Dev Ji, showed us that all peaceful means had failed, his life was unjustly taken simply because he preached the true words of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. An individual's belief is a basic human right; when this right has been taken away we have been ordered by Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji to restore justice using peaceful means. If these peaceful means fail we have been permitted to pick up arms and restore justice. As time progressed, so did the persecutions. In every corner of India the tyrant Mughal rulers were slaughtering innocent men, women and children simply because they were not Islamic. It is for this reason and this reason alone we have been trained to protect the poor, innocent and weak against any oppression, and if we die doing so, we fear not because our faith in Sikhi remains firm. Our souls may part but never our Sikhi. It is for these reasons we are so very proud of our beloved martyrs. As Sikhs, we have strived through some tough some harsh times in our rich history; we have made hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of sacrifices ever since the death of the fifth King to the present day. We will always be willing to do so unless any oppression is uplifted. Primarily as Sikhs we hope that such extreme measures need not be necessary, but subsequently such sacrifices are never forgotten. One of the most horrific attack on the Sikhs was only 20 years ago. When the Temple of God, Sri Harmandar Sahib was attacked and the Seat of Temporal Authority, Akaal Takhat was demolished. Sikhs will never be able to forget how the Indian Government led by Indira Gandhi laid siege to the most Famous of Sikh Temples. In a feeble attempt to wipe out the Sikh Nation with the excuse to liquidise Militants and Terrorists, Indira Gandhi ordered not the state police, but the countries army, to storm the Golden Temple Complex and other Sikh shrines all over India. There are many questions that remain unanswered as to why the Indian Government attacked a small minority of their own citizens. The peace keeping Sikhs never stepped out of line and even in 1947 helped in the mighty battle when India was created. What makes it worse is that not a single MP has once apologised and made a statement to say that what happened was wrong and was not necessary. As Sikhs we feel cheated, we demand justice and we demand the Very basic Human Rights. There are some individuals that say the reason behind the attack was because some terrorists were demanding Khalistan, a separate Sikh state. This is a complete lie and a poor attempt to excuse the atrocities. Not once did any Sikh leader demand Khalistan, they simply stated that if Khalistan was given to us we would take it. However, Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale did state that the moment the Indian Army enters the Golden Temple Complex, that will lay the foundation stone for Khalistan. After the attack Indira Gandhi tried to win back the Sikh Nation and offered to rebuild the desecrated Akaal Takhat. The Sikhs have never been bought and never will be, every time we have been attacked we always restore our Gurdwara's and shrines within the Panth. The Kaar Seva was started and approximately 12 years after the attack the Akaal Takhat was fully restored. On October 31st of 1984, Indira Gandhi was preparing to address the Nation. On her way through her garden she was killed by her two bodyguards, Bhai Beant Singh Ji and Bhai Satwant Singh Ji, they were seeking justice after she attacked the most sacred of places. After this event Delhi went haywire. Sikhs were killed publicly, innocent women and children were gang raped, beaten, burnt alive and killed then left to rot. Dogs would eat the remains of the Sikh bodies. Where were the police whilst all this was happening?? The police were busy...busy giving Hindu gangs the addresses of Sikh families, pointing out the Sikh shops and assisting the mobs as they dragged Sikh taxi drivers from their vehicles poured kerosene over their bodies, ripped off their sacred Turbans and used them to tie their hands behind their backs and then set them alight. Are these the actions of the Worlds largest democracy? You decide! All we ask you to do is a small prayer for the families of the Shaheeds and to Never Forget 1984!!!